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Tourism Experts Point out that Only Active Members Keep Networks Alive

Networking is important for the creation and dissemination of knowledge as well as the promotion and implementation of more sustainable practices in tourism. But how can networks really support learning and innovation?

The BEST Education Network addressed the theme of “Networking for Sustainable Tourism” during its 10th Think Tank at MODUL University Vienna, located in Austria. “Active members, inclusiveness and openness are the top keys to success” as it was pointed out by keynote speakers, industry experts and researchers in the field of international tourism during the three day event.

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel’s keynote focused on virtual networks - the opportunities and challenge of creating and sustaining technology-mediated connections. Her advice on how to succeed included engaged members and a network that is open to new ideas, people and change in general.

A close up look at the participants was taken by Prof. John Tribe who explored the impact of networks on the development of tourism academia. He stressed that certain, mainly senior, network members, of tourism academia have the power to steer the direction in which the field develops by, i.a. serving as gatekeepers of esteemed journals within the field. Trying to overcome these barriers, BESTEN invited both senior and junior tourism academics to collaborate and jointly develop teaching and research materials.

The BEST EN Think Tank X also marked a change of the BESTEN Chair: Dr. Janne Liburd at the University of Southern Denmark was succeeded by Dr. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher at MODUL University Vienna. The next Think Tank of the BEST Education Network “Learning for Sustainable Tourism” will take place from 22nd – 24th May 2011 at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. The event is preceded by the TEFI (Tourism Education Futures Initiative) World Congress (19th – 22nd May 2011). Papers will be invited for presentation.

For more information, please contact Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Chair BEST Education Network, MODUL University Vienna (

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