TT 12




Tourism, by its very nature, is reliant upon mobility. Indeed, there is no tourism without travel. However, as the tourism industry becomes increasingly proficient and aware of the importance of travel and transport mobilities (e.g. increasing fuel efficiency in air travel, identifying alternative means of travel, developing technological advancements in renewable energies, etc.), the increasing role of economic and social mobilities associated with issues such as labour migration are becoming infused with contemporary understanding of tourism mobilities relating to knowledge exchange, risk and uncertainty, and changing consumer behaviour. In relation, the playful spaces of encounter within the tourist experience are changing as culture, heritage and local-tourist interaction become increasingly mobile and open to negotiation. Situating such issues within the context of sustainable tourism, the Think Tank aims to pose questions such as: What are the current mobility trends? What are the driving forces behind shifts in tourism mobilities? How does the tourism industry shape the current mobility patterns among tourists? Are these sustainable, and is it possible for the tourism sector to continue to develop in the same direction? How do we educate about mobility for sustainability?

This conference invites you to join the Building Excellence in Sustainable Tourism, an Education Network (BEST EN) in its important work of developing resources for educating present and future managers on the principles of sustainable development, and the role of creating and disseminating knowledge on sustainable tourism as well as in promoting and implementing more sustainable practices in tourism.

The opportunity to meet in Greoux les Bains offers delegates the chance to:

  • Create knowledge in the form of educational and research materials on mobilities and sustainable tourism
  • Network with fellow researchers, educators and organizations in the field of sustainable tourism
  • Learn firsthand about the importance and challenges of sustainable tourism and mobilities, including social and economic mobility
  • Discuss how to better position the case for sustainable tourism, and
  • Share their work and experiences with the participants and fellow researchers in the field.

Acknowledging the important role of learning for sustainable tourism, tangible outcomes of the Think Tank will include a proposed special issue of the Journal Of Sustainable Tourism where selected full papers from the Think Tank will be considered for publication, a research agenda from the Think Tank topic and a teaching module on sustainable tourism and mobilities for integration in undergraduate courses.