TT 3



Paper Presentations

Ana Baez
Costa Rica as a Sustainable Tourism Destination
Sue Beeton
Rails to Trails: From a State Liability to a Local Community Asset
Jeremy Buultjens
Conservation and Tourism in a Sri Lankan National Park
Bonnie Canziani
A Framework for Managing the Cultural Impact of Conferences and Events
William Chernish&Kristin Lamoureux
Distance Learning to Support Sustainable Tourism
Katrina Church-Chmielowski
Tourism in Rural Alaska
Arturo Crosby&Kristin Lamoureux
GTAT on: Community Tourism Professional Host - GTAT CTH -
Eduardo Fayos-Solà
The Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge: The WTO Perspective
Eileen Gutierrez
Rails to Trails: From a State Liability to a Local Community Asset
Eileen Gutierrez & Kristin Lamoureux
Rapid Tourism Assessment Process
Rich Harrill
Guide to Best Practices in Tourism and Destination Management
Rich Harrill
Tourism Planning in Historic Districts: Attitudes Toward Tourism Development in Charleston
Anja Hergesell & Anja Krüger
The Re-invention of East Germanness in Heritage Tourism
Michela Magliacani
The Contribution of Rural Tourism to the Environmental and Managerial Development of the Local Community: the Case of the Province of Siena
Ronald Sanabria
Beyond Greenwashing: Exemplary Practices
Ronald Sanabria
Feasibility Study, Organizational Blueprint and Implementation Plan for a Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council (STSC)
Katie Small & Deborah Edwards
Evaluating the Socio-Cultural Impacts of a Festival on a Host Community A Case Study: "The Australian Festival of the Book"
David M. Stipanuk
Teaching Sustainability at Cornell University: 7 Year of Experiences and Observations Regarding Teaching Sustainable Development in the School of Hotel Administration
Audrey Tantamjarik
Examining Sustainability Issues for the Costa Rican Surf Tour Industry
Erick Vargas
Consolidation of a New Environmental Culture and Its Importance for Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism
David J. Vidal
Sustainability and Business