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The BEST Education Network is holding Think Tank IX, entitled “The Importance of Values in Sustainable Tourism”, in Singapore from June 15-18, 2009 in conjunction with the School of Business at James Cook University Singapore. BEST Education Network is an international consortium of educators committed to furthering the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism. At a BEST EN Think Tank, research is presented, sustainable tourism topics are addressed, a research agenda and curriculum modules for use in undergraduate education are developed. A BEST EN  Think Tank is about more than presenting papers - it is an opportunity to work closely with others to share and create new knowledge.

The theme for Think Tank IX highlights the importance of values in understanding and implementing more sustainable practices in tourism. Cultural, social and historical values have in various ways shaped the concerns that drive sustainability and these values influence how sustainability is interpreted and implemented in different destinations. To date the discussion of sustainability has been dominated by Western values and traditions. The opportunity to meet in Singapore offers the potential to explore the diversity of cultural perspectives on sustainability and tourism.

The  Think Tank is relevant to academics from tourism and related disciplines, PhD students, tourism planners and destination managers with an interest in contributing to better sustainable tourism practices.