TT 10




The BEST Education Network is holding Think Tank X, entitled “Networking for Sustainable Tourism”, in Vienna from June 27 - 30, 2010 in conjunction with MODUL University Vienna, Austria.

The BEST Education Network is an international consortium of educators committed to furthering the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism. At a BEST EN Think Tank, research is presented, sustainable tourism topics are addressed, and research and educational materials for use in undergraduate education are developed. The BEST EN Think Tank is about more than presenting papers, it is an opportunity to work with others to create new knowledge.

The focus of Think Tank X is “Networking for Sustainable Tourism”. This theme highlights the importance of networking in creating and disseminating knowledge on sustainable tourism as well as in promoting and implementing more sustainable practices in tourism. BEST EN, being a network of tourism educators from around the world, wants to use this tenth anniversary to establish and strengthen ties to other organizations and networks focusing on sustainable tourism.

Vienna has always been a hub for organizations and businesses from all over the world and offers a great opportunity not only to discuss theoretical concepts on networks but to actually make use of the networking opportunities, which will be available at MU Vienna.

The Think Tank is relevant to academics from tourism and related disciplines including PhD students and practitioners like tourism planners and destination managers with an interest in contributing to better sustainable tourism practices..