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Karmen Mentil

Alpine Pearls – networking for climate-friendly tourist offers

Karmen Mentil Karmen Mentil studied tourism management and is a certified trainer. She works as consultant in tourism and regional development and since 1997 is a senior partner at ÖAR Regionalberatung GmbH. From 2006 onwards she worked in project management at Alpine Pearls. Karin specializes in strategy development and management of tourism development projects. She is actively supporting the initiation, implementation, management and evaluation of local, national, transnational and EU-wide projects.

Christian Pladerer

Green Events Austria - the network for sustainable event management in Austria

Christian Pladerer Dr Christian Pladerer graduated in civil engineering from the University of Agricultural Science in Vienna. His thesis, titled “Waste disposal habits of private households illustrated in Vienna”, was completed at the Institute for Water Provision, Water Ecology and Waste Management (IWGA). From 1994-1999 he served as Waste Consulter for the Vienna City Administration. From 1999 onwards he worked as a scientist at the Austrian Institute for Applied Ecology and since 2004 he has been a member of the board of directors and department head for RE.M (Resources Management). His main working focus is: lifecycle analysis; sustainable resources and waste management; measures for waste avoidance; green event management; use of renewable primary products and strategic environmental assessments.

Michaela Reitterer

Best practice Boutique Hotel Stadthalle: networking for the sustainability of the Viennese hospitality industry

Michaela Reitterer After graduating from MODUL Hotel and Tourism school in 1982, Michaela Reitterer started her career at the UNO Centre in Vienna as F&B Manager before deciding to establish her own travel agency, Hippesroither GmbH. In 2001, she purchased her parents’ hotel, the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle – one of the first ecolabeled hotels in Austria. Additionally, in 2007 she founded a new company for hotel management and operation: the P-Orange GmbH. Ms Reitterer subsequently signed a master franchise contract with for Austria and CEE. Furthermore she became Chairman of the Austrian Hotelier Association (ÖHV) Vienna in 2006.

In 2009, she expanded her Boutique Hotel Stadthalle to a worldwide innovation, namely the world‘s first city-hotel with a zero-energy-balance, meaning it is a passive house with ultra low energy requirements. For this pioneering task, Ms Reitterer and her team were awarded with several awards. In 2010, the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle has been nominated for the “green hotel of the year” award and will apply for the global energy award.

Bibiane Hromas

Platou – platform for architecture in tourism

Bibiane Hromas Bibiane studied architecture in Vienna. In 1994, she founded the architecture firm o.r.t. architektur. Since 2002, Bibiane also works as a lecturer in tourism architecture at the Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Vienna University of Technology. Between 2003 and 2005, Bibiane wrote architecture reviews for the daily newspaper Kurier. Bibiane is founder and chair of platou, a platform for architecture in tourism. Platou is an interdisciplinary network at the interface of tourism and architecture. It aims to contribute to research in the field, act as a mediator and support endeavours in this area through consultancy work. Bibiane is also a chair member of ig-architektur and has published widely about the topic, e.g. in the trade magazine Hotelstyle.