TT 10




This conference invites you to join the Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel Education Network (BEST EN) in its important work of developing resources for educating present and future managers on the principles of sustainable development and the role of networking in creating and disseminating knowledge on sustainable tourism as well as in promoting and implementing more sustainable practices in tourism. The opportunity to meet in Vienna offers delegates the chance to:

  • Create knowledge in the form of educational and research materials on learning for sustainable tourism,
  • Network with fellow researchers, educators and organisations in the field of sustainable tourism,
  • Learn firsthand about the importance and challenges of learning and teaching sustainable tourism, including in the host community,
  • Discuss how to better position the case for sustainable tourism, and
  • Share their work and experiences with the participants and fellow researchers in the field.

Acknowledging the important role of learning for sustainable tourism, tangible outcomes of the Think Tank will include:

  • A wiki exploring aspects related to the role of networking in the pursuit of sustainable tourism,
  • A teaching module on networking for sustainable tourism for integration in undergraduate courses,
  • A special edition of the Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research featuring selected conference papers on the Think Tank theme,
  • Case studies describing approaches to network for sustainable tourism, and
  • A practical networking guide for academia and industry.