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The actualization of sustainable travel and tourism is possible only if and when managers of tourist destinations and hospitality enterprises both value and know the importance of quality of life considerations for sustainable tourism development in principle and practice.

This conference invites you to join the Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST) Education Network in its important work of developing resources for educating present and future managers on the principles of sustainable development and demonstrating the necessity of finding the right balance between the welfare of tourists, host communities and the environment in pursuing sustainability. Delegates will explore and identify cutting edge topics that will be the focus of sustainable tourism research in the coming years.

You will have the chance to:

  • Design a cutting edge research agenda on the quality of life for sustainable tourism
    • identifying the knowledge gaps in current research on sustainable tourism and
    • highlighting topics that deserve more attention from researchers,
  • Learn firsthand about attempts on enhancing the quality of life through tourism, including in the host community,
  • Contribute to the host community‚Äôs sustainable development,
  • Share experiences on how university hospitality and tourism programs can exert greater leadership in bridging the gap between the realms of theory and practice,
  • Discuss how to better position the case for quality of life considerations and thus sustainable tourism, and
  • Network with researchers, educators and industry representatives committed to developing and disseminating knowledge on sustainable tourism.