Brainstorming and Building Knowledge for Sustainable Staycations

There are three activities that interested participants can engage in to assist build our understanding of Staycations and Tourism Sustainability. Please feel free to do any or all.

If you are short for time just leave a note on our online whiteboard below.

If you have 10-15 minutes click on this link (put in the link to the Qualtrics survey) to take part in our guided brainstorming session – you get to answer xx questions.

If you have even more time and/or valuable experience you could provide a case study of Staycation Programs, Campaigns or Policies.

If you are involved in, aware of, or have studied a Staycation program we would like to invite you to provide a short case study based on your experience. Please send us a short (no more than 7 slides) PowerPoint file organized as follows

  • An introductory slide with the name of the location and your name, affiliation and contact details
  • A slide describing the location and the program details – is it an incentive program, a marketing campaign or changes to experience or attraction design?
  • What was the aim or the desired outcomes and/or the factors that lead to it being put in place?
  • Did the activity explicitly consider sustainability aspects of the program and if not, what might be some sustainability issues that need to be considered?
  • Has been it evaluated and how was that evaluation conducted?
  • If possible, what are/were the outcomes?
  • Conclusion with an emphasis on lessons learnt

Where possible and appropriate please include weblinks and visual images, but don’t use any powerpoint design templates – a BEST EN template will be added before the file is posted to the BEST EN website.

Each case study will be reviewed and if it provides sufficient evidence and detail it will then be posted to the BEST EN Linkup webpage.

These case studies will also be included in the Guide to Staycations for Sustainable and Resilient Tourism with full acknowledgement of the case study authors.

Resilient Tourism with full acknowledgement of the case study authors. Please note case studies will be published under a creative commons license and the authors acknowledge by submitting the case study that they have appropriate permission to include images and text.