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5 Learning for Sustainable Tourism Dec 12, 2013

How do we know that people have learned not just about environment and economic sustainability but about equity and sustainability How do learners from different cultural and social backgrounds learn about sustainable tourism? What does sustainability mean in different cultural co...

Author: BEST Education Network 

Year: 2011 | Think Tank XI 

4 Networking for Sustainable Tourism [11] Oct 14, 2013

Introduction The research agenda workshop at the 2010 BEST EN Think Tank "Networking for Sustainable Tourism" provided delegates with an opportunity to consider the conference topic with a view of exploring future research opportunities and needs in that area. True to the overall ...

Author: BEST Education Network 

Year: 2010 | Think Tank X 

3 Innovation in the Private Sector [63] Oct 14, 2013

Introduction Approximately 15 academics and industry representatives met over two days to identify the key themes that could or should be included in this research agenda. While different interpretations of the term “innovation” were discussed initially to clarify the terminology ...

Author: BEST Education Network 

Year: 2007 | Think Tank VII 

2 Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Tourism [11] Oct 10, 2013

PRELIMINARY RESEARCH AGENDA Definition Define CSR in the context of sustainable tourism (scope/limits) Different stakeholders´ definitions of CSR Different cultures’/regions’ definitions of CSR Ethical bases Examination of underlying ethical approaches and belief systems Who shou...

Author: BEST Education Network 

Year: 2006 | Think Tank VI 

1 Managing Risk and Crises for Sustainable Tourism [4] Oct 10, 2013

1. Introduction Crisis events have undermined the viability and marketability of tourism regions and have been a fact of life for many years. Wars, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, crime waves, epidemics, economic and business collapses have all impacted on the propensity o...

Author: BEST Education Network 

Year: 2005 | Think Tank V