Each year researchers are invited to submit papers on specific aspects of sustainable tourism for presentation at the annual Think Tank. The most excellent paper is determined following a blind review by the Steering Committee.

Criteria are:

  1. The overall contribution to the literature on sustainable tourism
  2. The creativity and uniqueness of the paper
  3. The relevance and applicability of the results
  4. The closeness of the paper to the Think Tank theme
  5. The quality of writing
  6. The appropriateness and depth of the references

The BEST EN Outstanding Paper Award is presented to the author(s) during the Award Dinner.

Previous winners were:

YEAR Author(s)


Andrew Rylance & Anna Spenceley
University of Johannesburg
Rylance, Reducing economic leakages from tourism_A value chain assessment of the tourism industry in Kasane, Botswana.pdf


Karen Hughes & Gianna Moscardo
University of Queensland & James Cook University
Hughes & Moscardo, United we stand, divided we fall - Strategies for engaging customers in Corporate Responsibility Programs.pdf


Jones Muzirambi & Kevin Mearns
University of South Africa
"Muzirambi, J & Mearns, K Active community participation in nature conservation and tourism management_A case study analysis of the state of power relations in Southern Africa"

2014 Sarah Duffy & Larry Dwyer
University of New South Wales, Australia
"A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Sustainable Tourism in Ningaloo Marine Park"
2013 Gianna Moscardo, Andrea Schurmann, Elena Konovalov & Nancy G. McGehee
James Cook University, Australia / Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
"Using Tourism to Build Social Capital in Communities: New Pathways to Sustainable Tourism Futures"
2012 Jaedong Cho & Derek Robbins Bournemouth University, UK
"Slow travellers.  Who are they and what motivates them?"
2010 Dianne Dredge, Emma-Jane Ford & Michelle Whitford
Southern Cross University, Australia
"The Managing Local Tourism Master Class: Communicating and Building Sustainable Tourism Management Practices across Local Government Divides"
2009 Heather Zeppel
James Cook University, Australia
"Cultural values in sustainable tourism: Conflicts between indigenous culture and recreation in protected areas"
2008 Margaret Deery & Leo Jago
Victoria University, Australia
"A Framework for Work-Life Balance Practices in the Tourism Industry"
2007 Pierre Benckendorff
James Cook University, Australia
"Envisioning Sustainable Tourism Futures: An Evaluation of the Futures Wheel Method"
2006 Robert D. Billington, Veronica Cadoppi & Natalie Carter
Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Laboratory – Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, Inc., USA
"Stakeholder Involvement, Culture and Accountability in the Blackstone Valley: A Work in Progress”
2005 Jack Carlsen
Curtin University of Technology, Australia
”Post-Tsunami Tourism Strategies for the Maldives”
2004 Paulina Bohdanowicz, Branko Simanic & Ivo Martinac
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
"Environmental Training and Measures at Scandic Hotels, Sweden"