Author : Yoram Krozer & Else Redzepovic
School/Work Place : University Twente, Netherlands
Contact :,
Year : 2005

How to manage risks that endanger development of tourism but that are caused by tourism itself? An industry-based model is presented as an analytic tool and adapted to the situation in tourism. It is argued that development of tourism lacks incentives for sustainability management. The agenda for sustainability management is discussed based on the situation on the island Ameland in the Netherlands, which is among the most intensively used tourist areas in Europe. The stakeholders on the island, although generally satisfied with local cultural and natural qualities, address various sustainability issues. The issues cover information, accommodation, mobility and land use. The cases of water management in a hotel and destination management by the tourist information agency are addressed. Water consumption in the hotel is high by international standards. Lower consumption of water saves resources and money. Much progress is needed and it is possible in cost-effective way. The destination management aims at guiding people to and into tourist resorts. Tourists support the idea of better guidance, particularly foreigners, whereas tourist agencies assume sufficient amount and quality of information. The implementation is hindered by various market imperfections. A sustainability management is urgently needed to fulfil two tasks: creating awareness about issues and possible solutions and assisting policy makers with directing sustainable tourism development and companies with implementation of cost-effective solutions.

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