Author : Sacha Reid
School/Work Place : University of Western Sydney, Australia
Contact :
Year : 2004

Olympic Games epitomize the definition of a mega event, due to the size and scope that these events have in terms of participation, worldwide viewing and infrastructure development. However with the commercialization of these events over the last 10 years with funding, in terms of sponsorship and willingness of host communities and governmentas to build on the success of previous events, intense competition has also resulted. Therefore, each successive event has capitalized on the need to 'out do' previous events, sometimes at the peril of sustainability. This paper examines the sustainability of mega event infrastructure, with special focus on the Sydney Olympic Games. The definition of infrastructure adopted for this paper refers to the extrinsic, built infrastructure, as well as the intrinsic, human knowledge and information creation domains. While the Sydney Olympic Games created extrinsic or built infrastructure legacies for the community there are questions as to the sustainability of these venues. Additionally, there was a lack of intrinsic infrastructure development in the formation of knowledge and skill creation at a 'grass roots' level that resulted from the Games.

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