Author : Susanne Reimann & Sandro Carnicelli
School/Work Place : University of the West of Scotland Germany
Contact :
Year : 2016

In the tourism industry, whilst some companies have taken active steps towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), others are yet to adopt a responsible approaching to business.  According to Betz (2010), CSR is a relatively new concept in the tourism industry and some companies operating in this sector do not comprehend the significance of engaging in CSR activities. Although some companies often invest in CSR purely for the benefit of society, others seem to engage in CSR activities merely for reputation building and brand image, so they are frequently accused of greenwash (Cherry & Sneirson, 2011) or corporate hypocrisy (Wagner, Lutz, &Weitz, 2009) when the policies they espouse fail to match the actual practice.

Whilst research regarding CSR in the tourist sector has been conducted by many researchers (Povlsen, 2011; Dodds & Kuehnel, 2010; Ciuchete et. al., 2012), a gap can be detected related to knowledge of comparative CSR practices in small, medium and large tour operators. Hence, the motivation for this research is to add to the existing knowledge of CSR focusing on a range of tour operators. This research provides an overview of how German tour operators conceptualise the phenomenon of CSR and discuss the challenges they are facing. The problem reviewed in this research regards the awareness of CSR practices in German tour operators, and the extent to which these companies are effective in designing and implementing CSR to leverage performance, whilst satisfying the needs of stakeholders and society. Therefore, the overall aim of this research is to look at the conceptualisation of CSR at small, medium and large tour operators and to identify the differences in that regards.

List of Articles
No. Subject Viewssort Date
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OPA: Runner Up Outstanding Paper Award 

91 Think Tank XV The social enterprise as a vehicle to poverty alleviat... file 1388 Jul 27, 2015

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89 Think Tank XVII Collaborative knowledge production development and act... file 1368 Aug 17, 2017

Increasingly, literature has depicted food tourism as a powerful contributor to the ‘triple bottom line’ of economic, social, and environmental sustainability in rural communities (e.g. Sidali et al., 2015; Sims, 2009; Everret & Aitchson...

Author: Yukari Higuchi & Yasuhiro Yamanaka 

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87 Think Tank XVI Crowdsourcing – New Ways of an efficient Corporate Soc... file 1267 Jul 02, 2016

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Year: 2016 

» Think Tank XVI The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility: An ove... file 1231 Jul 02, 2016

In the tourism industry, whilst some companies have taken active steps towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), others are yet to adopt a responsible approaching to business. According to Betz (2010), CSR is a relatively new concept i...

Author: Susanne Reimann & Sandro Carnicelli 

Year: 2016 

85 OPA award Can Direct Communication at the Point of Consumption R... file 1220 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: food waste, food signage, sustainability, experiment

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Year: 2018 

84 Think Tank XVI Towards Sustainable Tourism: Whatfactors most influenc... file 1208 Jul 02, 2016

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Year: 2016 

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Year: 2018 

81 Think Tank XV Environmental Practices and Hotels’ Performance: an em... file 1178 Jul 27, 2015

Firms are nowadays facing growing pressure from governments and environmental institutions to reduce their ecological footprint. While a growing number of empirical studies have examined the impact of green management policies on firms’ fina...

Author: Christelle Cortese & Mondher Sahli 

Year: 2015 

80 Think Tank XVIII Indigenous destination development: Nudging key player... file 1170 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: Key players, sustainable tourism impact, tourism planning

Author: Astrid Frischknecht, Celiane Camargo-Borges & Celeste Wilderom 

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79 OPA award Sustainable Tourism on a Mass Tourism Island: An Explo... file 1156 Oct 23, 2019

Key words: sustainable tourism, mass tourism, sustainable urban development, environmental sustainability Page: 86-114 Sustainable Tourism on a Mass Tourism Island.pdf Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ ta...

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Year: 2019 

78 Think Tank XVI Values, Sustainability and Destination Choice Decision... file 1094 Jul 02, 2016

The sustainability concept has become popular after it was first used in almost three decades ago in what is now a renowned report, Our Common Future by Brundtland’s World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED 1987). Although much...

Author: Ercan Sirakaya-Turk, Seyhmuz Baloglu & Haywantee Rumi Ramkissoon 

Year: 2016 

77 Think Tank XVII Australian Indigenous Tourism: Integration of knowledg... file 1090 Aug 17, 2017

Many Australian tourism ventures today promote Australian Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (AIBK) (Pert, Ens, Locke, Clarke, Packer & Turpin, 2015) through bush-tucker tours, interpretive displays in cultural centres, arts and crafts, et...

Author: Gabrielle McGinnis & Mark Harvey & Ian D. Clark & Tamara Young 

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76 Think Tank XVI The influence of environmental attitudes and concerns ... file 1065 Jul 02, 2016

This study investigates environmental attitudes and concerns of Germans tourists towards climate change. Furthermore it analyses if there are attempts to neutralise air travel emissions by means of voluntary carbon-offsetting. Past research...

Author: Isabell Wulfsberg, Dirk Reiser, Volker Rundshagen & Nicolai Scherle 

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75 Think Tank XVIII Persuasive communication: an experiment on hotel guest... file 998 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: personal values, smart water-saving technology, community-based social marketing, science communication, pro-environmental behaviour, field experiment.

Author: Pablo Pereira-Doel, Xavier Font & Candice Howarth 

Year: 2018