Author : Yukari Higuchi, Yasuhiro Yamanaka & Hiroaki Hoshi
School/Work Place : Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Japan, and Ski Holiday, a ski-related volunteer group in the Asahikawa destination, Japan
Contact :
Year : 2018

Key words: marketing, research-based evidence, partnership, rural tourism, city tourism, sustainability

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2 Think Tank IV Sustainability and Mass Destinations: Challenges and P... file 4734 Oct 13, 2013

In year 2001, the Government of the Balearic Islands decided to establish a tourism tax, named "ecotax", as an important measure to achieve a more sustainable tourism model for the islands. This paper analyses the background of the ecotax, t...

Author: Antoni Serra Cantallops 

Year: 2004 

1 Think Tank IV Sustainability in a Mature Mass-Tourism Destination: T... file 4847 Oct 13, 2013

Most destinations are struggling to achieve sustainability for their economies, their environments, their cultures and their tourism industries. This laudatory, idealistic and complex process involves many sectors of the industry, the commun...

Author: Pauline Sheldon, John Knox & Kem Lowry 

Year: 2004