Author : Tim Coles, Emily Fenclova & Claire Dinan
School/Work Place : University of Exeter Business School, UK
Contact :
Year : 2012

The concept of sustainable development has become a mainstream idea in the governance and management of travel and tourism. Over the past two decades it has attracted considerable attention and debate. While the principles of sustainable development have been widely welcomed, one of the enduring questions has been the extent to which the principles have been embedded into policy and practice? Put another way, does acknowledgement of the need to act translate into definite action? Perhaps not always or indeed as intended, would appear to be the answer. In recent work on the demand-side, Barr et al (2010) have noted the existence of what they term an ‘Intention-Behaviour Gap’ among tourists. In and around the home many citizens have adopted sustainable practices which guide their travel intentions, but these have not necessarily been reflected in their holiday choices or behaviours when travelling or at destinations (see also Dickinson et al 2010; Hares et al 2010; Miller et al 2010). In particular, the emergence of low-fares aviation has encouraged consumers to suspend and/or switch behaviours (Barr et al 2011) or to undertake even more carbon-intensive, ‘binge’ travel (Cohen et al 2011), as it has also been perceived among aviation stakeholders (Coles et al 2011).

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26 Think Tank IV Sustainability in a Mature Mass-Tourism Destination: T... file 3448 Oct 13, 2013

Most destinations are struggling to achieve sustainability for their economies, their environments, their cultures and their tourism industries. This laudatory, idealistic and complex process involves many sectors of the industry, the commun...

Author: Pauline Sheldon, John Knox & Kem Lowry 

Year: 2004 

25 Think Tank V Managing of Public Risks in Tourism: Towards Sustainab... file 3304 Oct 13, 2013

How to manage risks that endanger development of tourism but that are caused by tourism itself? An industry-based model is presented as an analytic tool and adapted to the situation in tourism. It is argued that development of tourism lacks ...

Author: Yoram Krozer & Else Redzepovic 

Year: 2005 

24 Think Tank XI Learning for Sustainable Tourism: Small and Medium Ent... file 3123 Oct 14, 2013

This abstract intends to present QUSS – an integrated Management System for Quality, Sustainability and Safety in theory and practice. QUSS was invented by the NGO Ecocamping and is thus basically applied on camp sites in Europe with focus ...

Author: Tatjana Thimm 

Year: 2011 

23 Think Tank IV Cultural Tourism as a Means for Sustainability in a Ma... file 3088 Oct 13, 2013

Tourism has become for many islands a means of social, economic and cultural development through the creation of jobs, raising standards of living and through the development of local resources for culture and heritage. Thus, many of these d...

Author: Chryso Panayidou 

Year: 2004 

22 Think Tank IX The West in the East: Conflict in the Values of Volunt... file 3085 Oct 13, 2013

Consequently, the aim of this research was to explore the complexity of trying to work within a framework of sustainability, with a given number of stakeholders (in this case, a UK organisation, its customers (volunteers, primarily British) ...

Author: Angela M. Benson 

Year: 2009 

21 Think Tank IV The Benefits of Visitor and Non-Visitor Research in th... file 2950 Oct 13, 2013

Our premise in this paper is that if sustainable tourism development and management is to meet the needs of both the present and the future then it is equally important to prioritise research on those who visit tourism destinations (and incl...

Author: Pat Sterry & Debra Leighton 

Year: 2004 

20 Think Tank IX The elusiveness of sustainability in tourism: The cult... file 2884 Oct 13, 2013

Sustainable tourism is perhaps the most prominent feature of contemporary tourism discourse. However, despite its prominence for several decades, achieving sustainability remains as elusive as ever. This paper explores the concept of the cu...

Author: Freya Higgins-Desbiolles 

Year: 2009 

19 Think Tank VIII Tourism-led Amenity Migration and the Transformation o... file 2860 Oct 13, 2013

Global economic and political change has stimulated an explosion in tourism-led migration flows resulting in unprecedented transformation in the form and condition of impacted communities (Woods, 2006). This increase in human migration to ar...

Author: Alison M. Gill 

Year: 2008 

18 Think Tank IV After the Sydney Olympic Games: Sustainable Infrastruc... file 2701 Oct 13, 2013

Olympic Games epitomize the definition of a mega event, due to the size and scope that these events have in terms of participation, worldwide viewing and infrastructure development. However with the commercialization of these events over the...

Author: Sacha Reid 

Year: 2004 

17 Think Tank IX Achieving Sustainability in Business Events; Challengi... file 2483 Oct 13, 2013

Achieving sustainability is a challenge for all of society, but one that may prove especially problematic for the business events sector. Tourism in general and the business events industry in particular may be even more susceptible than oth...

Author: Judith Mair & Leo Jago 

Year: 2009 

16 Think Tank VIII A Tool for Improving the Sustainability of Tourism Ind... file 2452 Oct 13, 2013

The tourism industry’s interest in sustainable management has increased in exponential proportions over the past year. Substantial amounts of space in industry journals are devoted to issues such as sustainability, energy management, green b...

Author: Claudia Jurowski 

Year: 2008 

15 Think Tank VIII Will the Advent of a More Responsible Type of Tourism ... file 2410 Oct 13, 2013

‘Responsible’ tourism is all the rage nowadays. Parallel to the offer commercialized by specialized tour operators on the sustainable niche, traditional tour-operators have also begun to claim the sustainability of their offer. One can henc...

Author: Maud Tixier 

Year: 2008 

14 Think Tank VI Authenticity in Cultural Heritage Tourism as a means t... file 2365 Oct 13, 2013

This work aims through a clarification of philosophical assumptions to define authenticity in a dialogical perspective on the premise that there is a linkage between authenticity and sustainability. This paper will to discuss the development...

Author: Bente Bramming 

Year: 2006 

13 Think Tank VII A Community of Heroes file 2289 Oct 13, 2013

Sense of place is the human response to natural and built surroundings, geography, history and population. Over time, that response evolves into a shared consciousness, woven by memory, story and experience. Distinct from written history, th...

Author: Regina Binder 

Year: 2007 

12 Think Tank XV The role of souvenir vendors in the cultural sustainab... file 1641 Jul 27, 2015

The research investigated the role of souvenir vendors in sustaining the social-cultural authenticity of Chichen Itza’s host community, a Mexican UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) (UNESCO, 2015a). The case study evaluated the Maya-descent ven...

Author: Ady Milman 

Year: 2015 

11 Think Tank XVIII Deconstructing mass tourism with “upscale, all-year-ro... file 1592 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: local residents, seasonality, mass tourism, sustainability, tourism development

Author: Tina Šegota 

Year: 2018 

10 Think Tank IV Evaluation of Tourism Events: A Critical Review with a... file 1533 Oct 13, 2013

This presentation will critically review the three main sources of error in tourism event evaluation, related to the limited temporal, geographic and economic scope of current event evaluation approaches. In doing so, it will draw the attent...

Author: Jack Carlsen 

Year: 2004 

9 Think Tank X How Is Sustainability ‘Materialised’ in Tourism? Conte... file 1334 Oct 13, 2013

Meaning is one of the most elusive and ubiquitous properties of tourism spaces. This paper analyses the ambiguity of meaning in the materiality of tourism sustainability. Sustainable development and its three interrelated principles of holi...

Author: Neil M. Walsh 

Year: 2010 

8 Think Tank XV Perceptions of local communities participation in rura... file 1024 Jul 27, 2015

In order to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs, rural communities should be able to participate actively in all aspects of tourism, including planning and management. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the local communit...

Author: Limpho Lekaota & Jarkko Saarined 

Year: 2015 

7 Think Tank XVIII What to communicate about sustainability actions of Fi... file 927 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: sustainability, responsibility, marketing, communication, Finland, villa holiday

Author: Katja Pasanen 

Year: 2018