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2 Think Tank XIII Tourism development led by the Third Sector - Impacts ... file 3858 Nov 06, 2013

Most tourism development is initiated and led by either the private or the public sector. These projects’ potential impacts on host communities have been explored since the 1980s, and they are now relatively well known. This is not the case ...

Author: Julia N. Albrecht & My N. D. Tran 

Year: 2013 

1 Think Tank XIII The Paradox of poverty amidst the plenty of nature: co... file 6147 Nov 06, 2013

Rural communities in South Africa have not been active stakeholders in tourism development. Community awareness and involvement in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage through sustainable tourism development in selected areas ad...

Author: FelicitĂ© A. Fairer-Wessels 

Year: 2013