Author : Margaret Deery, Leo Jago & Liz Fredline
School/Work Place : Victoria University, Australia (Margaret Deery, Leo Jago) & Griffith University, Australia (Liz Fredline)
Contact :,,
Year : 2009

Tourism, like any other endeavour, operates within the social and political domains of a community, and it is therefore likely that residents with different social and political values would hold different representations of tourism. In the US, Snepenger and Johnson (1991) found that ‘conservatives’ were more negatively disposed to tourism than ‘liberals’. Lindberg and Johnson (1997) found support for a model that suggests that resident values regarding economic gain are positively related to perceptions of tourism. In using host resident social and political values to examine perceptions of tourism, it is possible to understand the levels of support or otherwise for tourism and tourism development within those communities.

This paper presents the findings from a study of two coastal tourism communities, one being a large, mature destination, the other being a small, underdeveloped tourism community. Using Inglehart’s (1981) materialist/post-materialist values which explore a number of goals, it was possible to link these values to perceptions of tourism development. Respondents were asked to choose six from a list of 12 social goals, half of which represented materialist values (economic growth, strong defence, maintaining order, controlling prices, a stable economy, the fight against crime) and six of which represent post materialist values (public participation, beautifying communities, freedom of speech, more humanity, community consultation and less emphasis on money). In addition, respondents were asked to name the political party with which they most closely identified.

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72 Think Tank VI Sustainable tourist accommodation management: The role... file 6224 Oct 13, 2013

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68 Think Tank V Political Instability and its Effects on Tourism file 6404 Oct 13, 2013

Tourism today is second only to oil as the world’s leading export commodity, accounting for global earnings of more than $300 billion, or nearly 25 per cent of total world GNP (Poirier 2000, p30, cited in Dieke, 2000). Over the last two deca...

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Past literature has posited that tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors and has been signified as an attractive investment proposition. Rural tourism sector has been actively promoted by the Malaysian government and currently, it is c...

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The internationally acclaimed Blackstone Valley Tourism Council continues to create a sustainable visitor destination using whole place-making techniques. Under its auspices, the Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Laboratory share...

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Author: Margaret Deery, Leo Jago & Michael Stewart 

Year: 2012 

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Although there are numerous birding trails with varying levels of success, prior to this study, little research existed as to how birding trails are designed, implemented and managed. Thus, the study posed and answered the following research...

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