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3 SPECIAL ISSUE: Sustaining Quality of Life Through Tourism Oct 14, 2013

TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY RESEARCH Special Issue: “Sustaining Quality of Life Through Tourism”, Papers from the BEST EN Think Tank VIII, Izmir, Turkey, 24-27 June 2008 CONTENTS Special Issue Articles A framework for work-life balance practices. Addressing the needs of the tourism in...

Year: 2009 

Issues: Volume 9, Issue 2 

Publication: SAGE Publications 1467-3584 

2 SPECIAL ISSUE: Innovations for Sustainable Tourism Oct 14, 2013

TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY RESEARCH SPECIAL ISSUE: INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: BEST EN THINK TANK VII CONTENTS Editorial Graham Miller page 1-3 Academic Papers Sustainable tourism innovation: Challenging basic assumptions Gianna Moscardo page 4-13 Tourism sustainability, resi...

Year: 2008 

Issues: Volume 8, Issue 1 

Publication: SAGE Publications 1467-3584 

1 SPECIAL ISSUE: Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainab... Oct 14, 2013

TOURISM REVIEW INTERNATIONAL AN INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUE: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM CONTENTS Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Tourism Larry Dwyer & Pauline J. Sheldon page 91-96 Stakeholder Involvement, Culture, and A...

Year: 2007 

Issues: Volume 11, Issue 2 

Publication: ISSN: 544-2721