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» [VI] Corporate Responsibility as Essential to Sustainable Tourism Yield – A work in Progress (2006)
  Larry Dwyer, Liz Fredline, Leo Jago & Margaret Deery
» [XII] Does Migration Have a Bigger Impact on VFR than Total Tourism? A Study from Australia (2012)
  Larry Dwyer, Neelu Seetaram, Peter Forsyth & Brian King
» [V] Effects of SARS Crisis on the Economic Contribution of Tourism to Australia (2005)
  Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth & Ray Spurr
» [XIII] Linking tourism with Sustainable Development in Post-Revolutionary Egypt (2013)
  Laura Carroll
» [-] Tropical Communities as Resources for Tourism or? (2014)
  Laurie Murphy
» [XIII] Exploring the Relationship between Cultural Capital in Communities and Sustainable Tourism (2013)
  Laurie Murphy & Andrea Schurmann
» [-] Sustainability initiatives in destination communities: Do they matter to tourists? (2013)
  Laurie Murphy & Gianna Moscardo
» [-] Tropical Communities as Resources for Tourism or Tourism as a Resource for Tropical Communities: Changing the Perspective by Applying a Community Well-being Framework in the Mekong Delta (2014)
  Laurie Murphy, Gianna Moscardo & Anna Blackman
» [XII] Blurred Boundaries: The Implications of New Tourism Mobilities for Destination Community Well-Being (2012)
  Laurie Murphy, Gianna Moscardo, Nancy McGehee & Elena Konovalov
» [XIII] Tourism investment and sustainable development: A comparative study of The Gambian hotel sector (2013)
  Lee Davidson & Mondher Sahli