Author : Laurie Murphy, Gianna Moscardo, Nancy McGehee & Elena Konovalov
School/Work Place : James Cook University, Australia (Laurie Murphy, Gianna Moscardo, Elena Konovalov), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA (Nancy McGehee)
Contact :
Year : 2012

“Tourism is traditionally treated as an escape from everyday life and tourism theory is concerned with extraordinary places. Tourism and everyday life are conceptualized as belonging to different ontological worlds.” (Larsen, 2008, p. 27). According to Hall (2004), this approach to defining tourism as something outside the ordinary life of both tourists and destination residents has meant that tourism researchers have paid little attention to the “new mobilities paradigm” (NMP) described by Sheller and Urry (2006). Adopting the NMP in tourism research means rethinking a number of assumptions made about, and theories used to explain, different aspects of tourism. This paper will examine how new forms of mobility can be connected to new types of tourist, new relationships between tourism and residence, and, through these, to different ways in which tourism can be connected to sustainability. For this paper sustainability is being defined within a destination community well-being framework.

This examination is based on the qualitative analysis of a series of semi-structured interviews conducted with destination community stakeholders in three regional locations in the tropical regions of Australia. The paper will begin with a brief review of the NMP and how it changes the way tourism is defined and understood with a particular emphasis on models for explaining tourism impacts in host communities. It will then present the results of the stakeholder interviews highlighting the different ways in which new types of tourist, distinguished by different mobilities, contribute to and/or detract from destination community well-being (DCW). The paper will conclude by identifying some challenges for sustainable tourism planning and management created by these new tourist and resident mobilities.

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“Tourism is traditionally treated as an escape from everyday life and tourism theory is concerned with extraordinary places. Tourism and everyday life are conceptualized as belonging to different ontological worlds.” (Larsen, 2008, p. 27). A...

Author: Laurie Murphy, Gianna Moscardo, Nancy McGehee & Elena Konovalov 

Year: 2012 

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359 Think Tank XVIII Visitor management in protected areas file 9993 Jan 07, 2019

Key words: tourism management, tourism planning, visitor management, protected areas, New Zealand

Author: Julia Nina Albrecht 

Year: 2018 

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Since 2009, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) promoted sustainable tourism practices through its – 7 Greens Concept, which is similar to the main global trends towards sustainable tourism. The 7 Greens Concept includes Green Heart, Gre...

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OPA: 2014 Outstanding Paper Award Winner 

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