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Call for Papers

BEST EN Think Tank XIV: "Politics, Policy and Governance in Sustainable Tourism" June 23-26, 2014, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

We warmly invite you to the BEST EN Think Tank XIV entitled, “Politics, Policy and Governance in Sustainable Tourism”, to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from June 23 – 26, 2014 in conjunction with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana.

The focus of Think Tank XIV is “Politics, Policy and Governance in Sustainable Tourism.” In most countries the public sector plays a crucial role in planning, encouraging, managing and regulating sustainable tourism. Governments impact on sustainable tourism through the provision of infrastructure, policy and legislation. The politics of governance, policy making and planning for sustainable tourism therefore impacts on decision making and outcomes. This Think Tank will explore the complexities inherent in the politics of sustainable tourism policy and governance.

The focus of our collaborative ‘Think-Tanking’ will lead to the coproduction of outputs for a teaching module and research agenda. As with previous Think Tanks outputs will be accessible to all (under a creative commons license) for further development and use in your teaching and research (e.g. ).

Participants are welcome to present conceptual and empirical papers on a range of topics including:

  • Tourism public policy and issues of inclusion
  • New governance and spaces of political exchange
  • Inter-and intra-community politics of engagement
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration/contestation
  • Third sector and NGO involvement in tourism
  • Cross-cultural approaches to tourism governance
  • Aspects of power in tourism planning and management
  • Challenges in teaching politics, policy and governance in tourism
  • Public administration of sustainable tourism development
  • Roles of local, regional and national government in sustainable tourism
  • Education and research in tourism policy and governance
  • Government regulation, deregulation and privatisation of tourism infrastructure
  • Policy making, analysis and evaluation
  • Globalisation, terrorism, safety and security in tourism
  • Future of policy and governance in sustainable tourism
  • Other topics relevant to sustainable tourism and politics, policy and governance

We invite potential authors to submit either an abstract or a full paper for consideration by the Think Tank's scientific committee. Early submission of abstracts and papers is encouraged and will expedite the review process for those needing advanced notification of the status of their submission.

Abstracts should be approximately 1,000 words with a title page containing full name and contact information, and following the structure of a full paper as outlined below. The deadline for abstract submission is March 1, 2014.

Full papers should be no more than 6,000 words in length (excluding tables/references), double spaced and in APA format. The deadline for full paper submission is March 1, 2014.

All papers should include a title page with author name and affiliation; introduction; methods; findings; application of results; conclusions and references. The author's name should appear only on the title page. The review process will start on December 1st; all authors are guaranteed to receive notification of acceptance within 4 weeks of submission.

Abstracts and full papers will go through a double blind review process. Final versions of abstracts and full papers submitted by June 1, 2014 will be published by BEST EN in the Think Tank's electronic proceedings and will be accessible on the BEST EN website.

Winner of the BEST EN Outstanding Paper Award will be selected from full papers that reflect the theme of Think Tank XIV. Selected full papers will be considered for publication in a proposed special journal issue. Advanced abstracts will also be considered for further development into a journal article.

Please submit your abstract or paper in Word format by e-mail to:

For more information about the organisation and the upcoming Think Tank please go to or contact the BEST EN secretariat: