BEST EN provides free teaching modules on sustainable tourism generated by BEST EN. The course material is open to educators, students and the industry to learn and collaborate for sustainable tourism education in the INNOTOUR platform. Each of the individual tutorials is comprised of a video, slides, literature and case study suggestions as well as students assignments aimed at the bachelor level. A blogging function is provided for feedback and commentary. The tutorials are created by scholars associated with BEST EN.

List of Articles
No. Subject Date
8 Building community capacity by developing regional business ... Jan 20, 2014

Dr Anna Blackmann presents a case study of how coaching can help build capacity in tourism businesses. She includes a case study among business owners and networks in north eastern Australia.

Author: Anna Blackman 

Year: 2013 

7 Sustainability initiatives in destination communities: Do th... Jan 20, 2014

The lecture discusses sustainability initiatives in destinations and whether they matter to tourists. The lecturers present the case of Magnetic Island of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. A profile of committed sustainable tourists is presented.

Author: Laurie Murphy & Gianna Moscardo 

Year: 2013 

6 Striving for environmental sustainability through tourism Jan 20, 2014

The lecture presents a case of environmental sustainability, tourism stakeholders and conflicts in Equador.

Author: Peter Varga 

Year: 2013 

5 Assessing community quality of life in the context of tourism Jan 20, 2014

The lecture presents a study of residents perceptions of tourism on the quality of life in Orange County, Indiana, USA.

Author: Chia-Pin (Simon) Yu 

Year: 2013 

4 Measuring Tourism: Developing a Regional Level Framework for... Jan 20, 2014

This lecture presents a systematic framework for measuring the social impacts of tourism.

Author: Elena Konovalov, Laurie Murphy & Gianna Moscardo 

Year: 2013 

3 Island Tourism Sustainability Jan 20, 2014

This BEST EN lecture on the sustainability of island tourism discusses some of the common problems faced by islands of economic dependency, social insularity and ecological fragility.

Author: Jack Carlsen 

Year: 2012 

2 The concept of sustainable development and its application t... Jan 20, 2014

This presentation introduces the concept of sustainable development and its application to tourism.

Author: Janne J. Liburd 

Year: 2012 

1 Sustainable Luxury Tourism: Is such a thing possible? Jan 17, 2014

The module shows the complex relationship that exists between the concepts of luxury and sustainability in the accommodation sector.

Author: Gianna Moscardo 

Year: 2012